Exciting stuff!

Well – the show is now cast, – with an absolutely cracking cast of principles and chorus. Never, ever think that the chorus is not important in a show, – they are as important as the main characters, as they can absolutely make or break a show! There is also so much to do when being in the chorus of a musical show!

So……what is next now we have a cast for the show? Well, as the director, it is now about meeting with the costume team to ensure that the look of the show is right, different scenes and costumes needed, meeting with the set designer to see how it is all possible to bring together the script with my own ideas for the show, meeting with the props person to go through the script to ensure everything is thought of, as well as make sure we are getting the look of the show right! It is also about planning the promotion of the show alongside the producer to ensure that lots of people know about this show,- this starts nice and early to help us spread the word far and wide!

It is really non stop for the director at the moment, – but do you  know what?…..it is really enjoyable to start creating!

A little bit of information for starters!

‘Mack and Mabel’ is the summer musical at Shaftesbury Arts Centre, Dorset from 11th July 2018! (Presented with special arrangement from Samuel French, LTD.)

‘I’ve never heard of this musical’ I hear you cry! Well….. It is based on a true story of the love affair between famous comedy silent film maker Mack Sennett (1880 -1960) and Mabel Normand, (1892 – 1930) a star whom he discovered and made famous.

Mack Sennett founded the KeyStone Studios in California in 1912 and made multiple silent slapstick comedy films. He invented The Keystone Kops and The Sennett Bathing Beauties. He also gave Charlie Chaplin his start!

The story is narrated in flashbacks by Mack himself as he shares with the audience his work, how he discovered Mabel, their love affair, his creations of The Keystone Kops and The Bathing Beauties, the rise and fall of his studio, the introductions of the ‘talkies’ and what happens in the end!

It is a Hollywood musical with a romance of the golden era!

So……what does a director do at this point? Well…..it is important to get a whole team of people who want to work on the production, – A producer, the help with the admin side of things, a set designer who can put together a design for the set based on the script and what the director has in mind, a musical director who can manage the music, singing and orchestra, choreographers to manage the movement and dancing in the show, costume team who can realise the era of 1920/30s for the show and so many more. Oh….and a cast! With auditions happening at the end of Feb, beginning of March, it is a busy time as the director of this fantastic show.

Mack and Mabel is on from Wed 11th July – 14th July and Wed 18th – 21st July at Shaftesbury Arts Centre. Tickets are available on line: www.shaftesburyartscentre.org.uk or (01747) 854321.

And so it starts!

So……the excitement and the journey of ‘Mack and Mabel’ at Shaftesbury Arts Centre starts! I am directing this fantastic show which is based on an idea by Leonard  Spigelglass with book by Michael Stewart and music and lyrics by Jerry Herman.

I love amateur dramatics and I love working with people to create something fun, memorable and that has come from my own vision. Lots of people wonder what it is like being part of an amateur production and I would like to share this with you, as well as introduce you to the story, the songs, cast, characters and behind the scenes snippets!